Stories about you!

I’m leaving this space so that you know you’re welcome to share anything that you think up when you see this blog. These might include:

-Times that you’ve experienced something I’ve mentioned,

-Stories about the places I’ve been/may go,

-Your own dream destinations

-The food that haunts your dreams (in a mercilessly delicious way! See below.)



To be honest, one of my favorite things to do is to listen to other people’s stories (provided they’re not indulgent and take a long time. Also, introvert alert!) I find the variation of what we go through as a driving force to keep exploring and rack up my own unique bevy of life experiences. While this blog is a testament to the challenges and pleasures I’m going through while abroad for half a year, it’s only a fraction of someone’s normal lifetime. So, please be certain that I’m genuinely interested in what you have to say, whether it’s about how you, too, felt an overwhelming joy upon your first bite of Beigel Bake‘s hot salt beef sandwich, or when you had a massive meltdown when you realized your visa wasn’t valid a week before you left the country (for the record, this happened to me. In the end I was fine, but am still enraged with the pitiful visa information circulating the internet!)

So, go forth and soothe my introvert ways with stories about yourself! After all, who doesn’t love to talk about themselves for a tad? 🙂


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