Crafting cameras out of toast and other tales

When I heard about an event where the participants build sculptures out of bread, I found myself torn between feeling unbelievably excited and pondering my sanity. I mean, which 21-year-old would choose to make a glorified gingerbread house in the middle of March when they could be giving their livers a fine reason to fail? This girl.

Erica, Holly (another Venice trip friend) and I courageously entered the competition and ended up creating a glutinous replica of my camera. It was very detailed, with “Sony” written on an upper panel, a cord, a picture-taking-button (what’s it actually called?) that ROTATED, a lens, and a screen on the back with a (what else) cat on it. Erica was responsible for that masterpiece.

But seriously, this was no less than a full-blown competition. I can’t speak for my teammates, but I know that I felt more mature than half the adults clobbering each other in the dance off (can you guess who our team nominated?) and racing to their toasters for optimally burnt construction materials. We nabbed the Diva toaster, and ze did us proud. ❤


the front


the back (see the cat?!)

our workhorse

our workhorse

All in all, a terrifically random and fun experience. Here are more pictures of others’ artworks including Jesus on the cross, the Colosseum, Kevin Spacey on his house of cards, and the Titanic. This is why I love London! People actually FLOCK to crazy events like this!

The next day was the Chocolate and Wine & Cheese festival!! Main takeaways:

  1. When offered “water ganache”, ALWAYS SAY YES
  2. Sample until you drop (or, your ego does.) Then regroup and scope out overlooked venues for more delicious bits (after all, we did pay an entry fee.)
  3. End it with a trip past Ottolenghi (the restaurant whose master chef creator put out a cookbook which you literally read cover-to-cover) to window-shop and gaze at lustfully, then plant yourself at the world’s most wonder-ful reading room on earth and feel like a desert dweller because cheese is saltier than ocean water and you didn’t think to bring water. Then hydrate with a full pot of tea at home and find Community to be one of your favorite shows in a long time. (This one might be hard to orchestrate but I believe in you all!)

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9 thoughts on “Crafting cameras out of toast and other tales

    • hahahah yes, my foodie pal understands! 🙂
      I didn’t eat at Ottolenghi this time- we just window shopped- but when my fam came to London a few years ago, we went. The plates were neon colors, the food bursting with creativity and conversing flavors, and I’ve been counting down the days until I can return! Have you made anything from his cookbooks?


        • AAAH how can one not love troy and abed with each fiber of their heart?!
          looking up krantz cake STAT!
          and actually, sadly, zero grilled cheeses were consumed! Haven’t had one since I’ve been here! But they love “toasties” here, so I’ll see what I can finagle before I come home 🙂
          ah I wish I could go on a food tour with you! we’d have the BEST TIME V


  1. “Troy and Abed in the morning….”


    IF I get to stay in the States for the summer (at least), we should def meet up somewhere and do a self-designed food tour. Hahahaha That would be so much fun!

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