I might be attending a Pignic

Yes, you read that correctly. PIG-NIC! Let’s hope my odds of being picked aren’t slop or else I’ll try to make myself feel better by bacon all day and hogging the cookies.

And now for an extremely random picture that was inspired by my search for pig pictures and the realization that I’d recently snapped a sort of applicable photo to go along with an especially divine porker:


don’t ask. just glam.

Shoutout to Cristina for all the pig mentions. Miss you, girl.

In other news…

So much has happened over the past week! Another reason why I really love living in London. I’m thinking that, until I get older and tired (perhaps 30), a city might be the best place for me to live. I’ve awakened a greedy, culture-hungry piece of myself that is generously assuaged by London’s never-ending stream of activities and goings-on. Like…

-The Columbia Road Flower Market! Located in the ever-hipster area of Shoreditch, this flower market was bursting with flowers, fun ditty shops, and people who near gridlocked the passageways. I wasn’t able to traverse the market through the middle path because I get too impatient with slow walkers I can’t circumnavigate, so my pictures aren’t full of florals but they’ll do.


so spunky. can’t call them ugly because they’re just too proud of their over-denimnity (say that 5 times fast)




some fun singers at the market


good one!

And speaking of Shoreditch, I was able to finally make a visit to the CAT CAFE!!!
(intentionally filling the next 5 scroll-down-blog-seconds filled with cats so y’all can freak out and know that this is a safe space. K GO!)


Ok, now for the cat cafe pics!

I went with my friend Rebecca and we had a good time. I was sad to see most of the cats sleeping or laying around, seemingly empty of energy. When we left, a waitress took a laser pointer and that cat went to town. However, overall it was an experience shaped by the calmness of the music and animals, the obvious glee of all the cat-lovers present, and the hilarity of how worked-up everyone got as soon as a feline so much as moved their paw. It was absolutely a cat-lover’s sanctuary. (I’m not much of a cat lover but I can appreciate them as much as the next person with a soul and like for pretty furry things.)

and two of my favorites…


Bubble wrap cat!!!


the cat waited expectantly at the door, which read “Staff Only”. Once a waitress opened the door, the cat scurried in, proudly asserting its position as “staff”.

Finally, yesterday I went with my Museums of London class to the Tate Modern. My group analyzed an exhibit about dreams and poetry, which focused on surrealism as a jumping-off point. Super interesting. Before that, a trip to Borough Market, an indoor food playground (not actually. I wish), brought me to some delicious Dutch redcurrants for snacking and cheese for an upcoming frittata. A giggle-inducing picture ends the post, and a snap of the Globe theater for my Auntie J precedes it! Next post will feature my trip to Oxford (BEAUTIFUL) and other surprises!


The Globe Theatre

love it.

love it.


4 thoughts on “I might be attending a Pignic

  1. Love you in that flower hat and the CAT CAFE. Not to mention the Globe Theatre. We are off to Roma on Saturday so I’ll see you in the blogosphere when we return.


    • thank you 🙂 I was just going to ask you guys if you wanted to skype soon, but I’ll wait until you’ve michaelangelo’d and gelato’d. Have a wonderful time and safe travels! ❤


  2. Oh, I meant to tell you we discovered a cat sanctuary in Rome–you will need to ask Bob for a pic. He captured it best. Roman ruins and kitties living together in peace!


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