Prague & Amsterdam: Part Three (last one!)

I’m going on a one-day trip to Venice Wednesday and wanna write a post about my mom’s lovely visit here this past weekend so I’m aiming to write about Amsterdam today, my mom tomorrow, and Venice after I get back after Thursday. Marathon blogging starts NOW!

So, Amsterdam. You are a cool city, for sure. Your government and social structure is very enviable, your insanely coordinated multitasking bikers impressive, and your canals a pretty sight. But compared to Prague, I’m sorry to inform you that according to a recent trio of travellers, you didn’t measure up. Why? Well, for one, your weather was dastardly and it felt like you wanted us out. Yes, you provided us with a one-of-a-kind tour guide replete with history and free cheese, but a surprising number of your residents made us feel unwelcome thanks to various rude and obnoxious interactions. It’s funny you say that you love us, because we didn’t really feel is too much. Maybe the winter wasn’t the right time to visit. I’d love to return to see your tulips blooming all over your country another time. Maybe then I’ll change my decision on you, but until then, Prague was much better.

Eh don't be so aloof then, Amsterdam!

Then don’t be so aloof, Amsterdam!

The night we arrived, we diligently (and arguably maddeningly) made a two day itinerary that covered tons of attractions: Museumplein (Van Gogh and Stedelijk (modern art) museums), the Albert Cuypmarket, Anne Frank House, flower market, sexmuseum (this is Amsterdam, home of the–>), Red Light District, Jordaan neighborhood, canal ride, walking tour… so much!!

The food: Pretty good. From what I saw, Amsterdam didn’t push as much of a uniquely regional cuisine than did Prague. I tried stroopwafel, a chocolate/caramel/cookie sort of concoction that was yummy and almost overdosed on gouda cheese. Expecting three euro to fetch me a sliver similar to that from London’s Neal’s Yard Dairy stilton I’d enjoyed previously, I was shocked when I was handed enough cheese to last a baguette-and-cheese tourist half a week!

If you’ve ever even heard of my existence, you probably know of my intense appreciation for food (consisting of both flavor and the biological side), so here is a market slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I said above, the weather wasn’t very nice. Worse than London, even. But the architecture aided our eyes, especially the curious sights of leaning buildings and tiny houses!


MINISCULE house! Back in the day, owners were taxed according to how many windows they possessed, so this house is a cheeky response to the taxman.


EVERYBODY BIKES! If I return, I’d like to take a cycling tour of the city.


Such a hopeless houseboat romantic. Wouldn’t that be a good prompt for a movie?

DSC01450Our hostel was positively adequate. We were given beds, heat, safety, and a one-minute walk to Dam Square, the historic and current center of Amsterdam. There was one bathroom for eight people and no common room. I, the hotel booker, didn’t actually realize this until a week before we left but it was also situated in the Red Light District! Ha ha! Turns out this area is one of the safest places in the city because it’s so heavily policed. We strolled around one night, taking in the sight of women selling themselves in the windows. In the canal swum waterfowl that, as my friends said, must’ve wondered why our species was so obsessed with sex while they handled it without much fuss.

Can’t finish this post without a shoutout to THE FAULT IN OUR STARS (a major part of this movie relates to Amsterdam)

(only click this link if you know the end because it’s is a SPOILER joke)

and now I can’t end without showing you all more from a great well of laughter: Remix and autotune videos!!! AAA SO GOOD k done. (jk never done with these)

The Anne Frank House was phenomenal.  This was the actual house where the family hid for two years, outfitted as a living museum. Absolutely incredible.

Here are some last photos:

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5 thoughts on “Prague & Amsterdam: Part Three (last one!)

  1. Soph, you have a career as a travel reporter! You give such a great feel of a place with your pics and descriptions. And your humor, Ms. Harriet Potter. Prague looks very inviting through your eyes. The massage story cracked me up although we were swindled in Italy by giant gelato cones that turned out to cost 10 euros. Remember Venice through Uncle Bob’s eyes=Disney waterpark.


    • YES! Omg C, I wish you could’ve been there… we passed SO MANY CHEESE SHOPS and all I wanted to do was look and sample and bask in the TOWERING PILES of cheese. My travel mates were convinced by the end that I was loco, but you would’ve understood :’)


  2. bahaha your call home! omg you capture the most sparkling little gems in your pics and i love the humorous lens through which you see it all! thanks for keepin’ it real also and not over-glorifying every aspect of your journey. ❤


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