MUAH :-*

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So it’s reading week. We have no classes and the point is to use this time for individual study. Therefore, all the study abroad kids study catapult their notebooks as far away as possible and jet-set for the entire week.

This also means that I’ve made it halfway through the teaching semester (though not the halfway point of my stay.) It’s been almost a month and a half. It’s been a whirlwind to get this far. One thing I have to say to all you lovely readers is

Thank you for reading this blog. Being abroad with no real phone for communication and relying mostly on email, Skype, and this blog, I knew it’d be a challenge to stay in touch. However, so many of my friends and family have embraced this blog as my chosen way of communication, easing so much pressure to write long, detailed accounts of my well-being and activities to each one of you. (Although I still do sometimes because I enjoy it, but the point is that I’m not obligated to for every person I care about.) So, thank you! I genuinely appreciate it. xoxo

p.s. This is my first scheduled post! So although I should be without a computer in Prague when this is published, it’ll still be published! How cool.


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