Fact of the Day: Some prehistoric birds used to eat horses

Let’s play some picture catch-up! Dare I divulge what you may think of my timing? I must: tardy 😦 . Geez, your side-eye is so chilling that it’s making me chili! Please relish knowing that I’ll stop making puns before finagling saurkraut into one.

Here are my Brighton pictures. My disposable ended up disappointing me with about half the pictures being crummy. So although my memories are enough for me, these pictures will have to suffice for you all 😦 Sorry!

Also, about the concert pictures: Exactly zero out of four were even adequate. So here are some pics I found attached to a review of the concert.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yesterday I went for a lovely walk along Regent’s Canal. Didn’t bring my camera, so let me paint a mental picture for you:

The canal runs parallel to Mile End and Victoria parks, lovely green places full of runners, walkers, cyclists, families, and students taking a break from work. A sidewalk accompanies the canal, providing a walk filled with color from the adjacent houseboats (last night I must’ve seen at least 30: they were all moored right next to the bank.) When you give a canal a houseboat, you also get some fun, quirky decorations that top the roofs including potted plants, tools, statues and gnomes, lights, and anything else you can dream up! Sometimes you can peer into a window and catch a glimpse into the lives of these uber-efficient-space dwellers. I also passed a houseboat that was a functioning cafe! Too bad I didn’t bring any money to try it out, but I’ll just have to go back!

Lovely snapshot of Regent’s Canal at Victoria Park

Here’s a link to see more pictures

I think it’d be such fun to live on a houseboat for a while. It reminds me of Rue in Chocolat. I know I’m romanticizing the lifestyle, but living in a tiny house with only what you need and a lack of property to command seems like a great way to live… at least, for a while.

You can rent one on Airbnb! You can also rent HOBBIT HOUSES. I think that’s my dream house.

the dream

the dream


2 thoughts on “Fact of the Day: Some prehistoric birds used to eat horses

  1. Cristina Longley says:

    Hey Sophie!
    I absolutely love reading these posts each week!! I have a set time every Monday where I tune in to your London adventures. It sounds like an absolutely amazing time! Keep exploring and having fun! And Happy 21st soon! Go to a bar and tell everyone so you can maybe get a few free drinks! Love and miss you girlie! ❤ Cristina


    • Aw thanks so much Cristina! you’re the best! I’m totally planning on living up my 21st because I’ll be in Prague and Amsterdam for the week after, going out at least a few times, so we’ll see what stories I have 😉 already have some to tell ya! xoxoxox


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