The extremely excited post

Yes this is my study abroad blog and no this isn’t related to travelling but it’s infinitely important (lol pun)/I need room to fully express my absolute bafflement:


Your grocery shopping can wait five minutes… look at this article! It alters EVERYTHING.

mind blown gif

And if you thought THAT was mind-blowing, wait til you read THIS:

So I went to this concert, of The Staves, this absolutely brilliant trio of sisters who harmonize like they’ve found out how to create audible bliss. When they played my favorite song, I cried. (Second time ever crying at a concert: first was at my long-awaited Coldplay concert, where I actually bawled (my mom can attest to this) but let’s move on because that’s not even the best part.)

The best part also wasn’t meeting a new friend, but it definitely added to the wonder of the night. We were both at the concert alone and, being the first two in line for our cheap seat area, sat next to each other to get the best front/center view. He told me he was from Portugal and we talked about music for like an hour, effortlessly. Who says going places alone has to be anti-social?

The best part also did not stem from my hasty grabbing of my disposable camera #1 before I realized I had exactly four shots left. It made the night even better, though, since I didn’t worry about trying to record my favorite song or take pictures every twelve seconds. I never look at 90% of my concert pictures afterwards anyway, so four savored pictures will definitely be enough.

Wanna know what the best part is?

I hope you’re sitting down. I’m freaking glad that I was, and that there was a safety rail in front of me, because when the Staves brought out their freaking mentor on stage, I only figuratively fell head over heels for


…I’m gonna let Patrick take it from here. He gets me.

surprised patrick meme chocolate dessert

For the one song he came out on stage for, I was shock. My jaw hit the floor until he left the stage and I reminded myself to keep breathing. This concert is certainly my third favorite, with Coldplay taking first and Macklemore holding second. I wonder how Paul Simon and Sting will measure up in April!

Also: I thought I’d never get to see Bon Iver live. Since he struck it big with “Skinny Love” and his other perfect songs, he’s been pretty reclusive. So that added, big time.

Just so you don’t think my life is all daisies and jaffa cakes, lemme tell you that I have two papers due in less than a week, many summer applications, a skull practical writeup, and preparation for a trip all on my mind as well. So, study abroad is way more than just fun stuff. So with that out of the way, lemme just reiterate

BON IVER! (all diff links, let the music flooooow)

P.S. When I wrote the first bit about the universe this morning, I had no idea today was going to be so exciting! A huge coincidence that all these impossibly incredible things happened in such close proximity.

P.P.S. Ever heard of a pizza cake? Thank me later. (Or in the form of a slice…)


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