Fast Times in Mammals & Evolution

It’s 12:38. We’re all developing a thin glaze over our eyes from nearly two hours of lecture about marsupials and mammals. But then, out of nowhere, my pony-tailed professor pulls out a













caught between shock, disgust and intense curiosity

He’s got the sterile gloves on to prove its authenticity and deep amusement sparkles in his eyes. This guy is almost nuts, but not quite. An immortal soundbite: “Sadly it’s lost a bit of its colour…”

There’s a marked difference in the humor over here. I really like it. It’s cheekier, sassier, and enhanced by the contrasting reservation of stereotypical Brits.

Some of my favorite funnies since I’ve been here:

(On an ad for a humor festival with a picture of supermarket chickens):
Now is the winter of our discount hens.

This ad for Las Vegas: DSC01050

On a greeting card: How do you approach an angry Welsh cheese? Caerphilly.

Darwin Day is a celebration of all things evolution. It’s held on his birthday, February 12th, and places all over the world offer up lectures and activities to spread the joy of this phenomenon. This year, Richard Dawkins is speaking at the London event and I would LOVELOVELOVE to go but have concert tickets for that night. On that note, if you like music characterized by harmonies, folk, Bon Iver prodigies, and sisters (<3 hey Em!), check them out here!)

Also, since it seems that many still aren’t sure how to contact me, here’s a list of HOT OR NOT to let you know how I can be reached. Trust me, you don’t want to land on the latter list.


-Wes email

-QM email (ask if you want it but it just forwards to my Wes one anyway)

-this blog

-texting (I have a UK number)

-calling (UK number)



What’s not:

-Texting/calling my US phone

-any app (snapchat included)


And finally, yesterday I used some pink water leftover from boiling my beets to make pink pancakes! They didn’t taste like beets but lovely little scarlet cloud puffs. Here there’s a tradition right before Lent (Shrove Tuesday) of using up your sweets or indulgent foods to make pancakes. It’s occurring the day before my birthday this year and there’s all kinds of celebrations. My flatmates are planning on pancaking all day and I might check out a pancake race!



6 thoughts on “Fast Times in Mammals & Evolution

  1. Me too Phil! And that picture of your Sophie with the pancakes. Everything including the placenta and your pics… I am falling off my couch into the current 4+ FEET OF SNOW WE HAVE IN BOSTON that has stopped the “T” for a day. I have missed 4 days of classes (out of 7 so far this semester!!!!) Auntie J.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you’re laughing but NOT that you’re falling into the snow!! 4/7 is a pretty big fraction of missing classes.. and I suppose you can’t use those days to see movies and eat your popcorn, can you?


  2. dad says:

    very funny!!!! You have picked a great semester to relocate! Freezing has been used too often, so I will use frigid, mind numbingly cold and absolutely bone chilling.Things arte going well, though, and only 38 days until Spring! Am enjoying one of the great mystery writers from England-John Lecarre, and his Tinker,Taylor, Soldier, Spy novel. I asked 2 of my friends about it, and they both said they read the same book twice. I couldn’t understand it. them, but once I got to page 167 2 days ago, I began to finally understand the allure of the book. Now I can’t put ti down. It is hard to describe, but it is almost like watching a slow motion film, or watching a play/movie/concert, etc, for 87 minutes, and without warning, the pace quickens and you have that”aha” moment, where you finally “get it”. Now that is talent. Love hearing from you, and enjoy6 Darwin day/Lincoln’s birthday/grandma Sydelle’s birthday! Love, Dad


  3. mom says:

    In your last picture….the apron says “sophy” on it!!!!!! Good luck in the pancake race. Flip a few for me! You’re “flippin” funny honey.


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