You must check out this blog about foam (and other updates)

Seriously, the coolest thing you’ll look at today.

I also wanna tell you all how I joined London’s Bechdel Test Film Club!! You just can’t find this stuff in small college towns.

The first visit (of at least 3) to the Natural History Museum occurred on the day it was announced that the long-beloved lobby attraction, Dippy the dinosaur, would be replaced by a blue whale skeleton. I’m not bothered by the change, but many people are. But what matters about all this is that, as brilliantly realized in this article, there will be a tribute (albeit probably unintended) to Douglas AdamsHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. (Nerd confession: I actually put SLATFATF (the song in the third link of this passage) on my iPod for a while. I emanate cool, I know, it’s ok.)

And to end this brief post, I’ve booked my first European trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going with two friends who are lovely people and share the same go-getter, vivacious, don’t mind sleeping in an “eh” hostel for the location mindset as myself.

Also a huge bonus is that we leave the DAY AFTER MY BIRTHDAY so it’s like this vacation is my birthday gift. Awwww yeah.

Even though adrenaline-laced blood is still circulating in my veins from such a fresh booking, I’m going to suppress my excitement to make this into a guessing game 😉

Location 1/2:

City facts:

-Called the “city of a hundred spires”

-The Vltava river runs through it

-It has a very famous Astronomical clock

And the answer is…


But wait, that’s only the first part!

After spending a few days there, we’ll be heading over to…

 now we wait -  now we wait  Evil Plotting Raccoon


And this weekend I’m going to Brighton for a day. Wahooligans!

…and now back to classwork.

Do you have any suggestions to places to go, which beer to drink, etc. for these places or travelling in general? Or even a beloved travel story? Drop it in the comments!


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