Attempt to Identify Culture Shock, Round II

3/4 of my classes seem very manageable, but the fourth, which is a third-year class (only three years of uni, versus our stretched-out four) is very challenging. When reading two of the articles required for class, I stumbled on literally every sentence. I’m not used to that at all, even at Wes! That may be because I steer clear of classes that suggest complicated internal dialects. To illustrate: Biology has an entire vocabulary of its own and I’m able to understand it much better than Economics vernacular, for instance. Epistemologies and ontologies and Hollywoodism (an actual word from a paper I just read) make me stumble. Here’s hoping that with enough reading and office hours, I’ll make it through. Ugh.

It’s also hard to stay patient while making friends. Especially when you have introvert tendencies.

Luckily it’s getting easier to buy food each week. I also found a groupon that delivers veggies to my door weekly for a month (half price!), making it a lot easier to get elusive English vitamins I crave. England has a very carbohydrate and protein-rich diet (fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, tea cakes, bangers and mash, Ploughman’s lunch, Sunday roast, Yorkshire pudding, Welsh Rarebit… see a pattern?)

It’s hard to see all of the students here congregate after class, laughing and playing football (UK version) with each other, when I’m still at the phase where I see friends on the weekend and during class. I’m glad that I’m independent enough so that this doesn’t force me to explore the city with people I’m not very into, but it may be working against me by letting me be so free so often… Or did that last clause make no sense?

Here’s Wesleyan’s page on culture shock. Honestly, the symptoms sound like a day in the life of a teenager, which I’m only a year past, so it’s difficult to ascribe my present loneliness, for example, to CS or just my life as a twenty-year-old. Have a look for yourself.

In other news, I changed the layout of this blog for a freshening-up. You can better notice the links that I embed in text and although you have to click the three parallel bars in the upper right hand corner to see some of the widgets (such as “Today I learned…”), I think this layout is cooler. Easier to comment, too 😉

I’ll finish with a black pudding experience montage.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nah, I’ll finish instead with a really wonderful-looking plate of food. In short, I am going back. Again, and again. LOVE YOU HUMMUS BROS!

you are my sunshine, you make me happy when London skies are grey

you are my sunshine, you make me happy when London skies are grey


4 thoughts on “Attempt to Identify Culture Shock, Round II

  1. I am glad you share so much, even your loneliness, especially your humor. That black pudding looks really scary. But your reaction is so dear! Just sent you an email about visiting Mary. Wish I could visit you! Auntie J

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  2. Banjo Lil says:

    I’m glad you’re eating hummus while in London and it sounds like a lot of cool things are happening (I want vegetable delivered to my door!). I’m bad at commenting on these but I wanted you to know that i’m following your travels & I hope that everything just gets better and better 🙂


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