So I joined the Medieval Re-enactment Society…

Lady Sophsalot?

Lady Sophsalot?

Didn’t see that coming, didja?

At QM, you have to pay to join societies (ugh in the short term but some are really inexpensive, and this may eliminate any need for a ghastly “student activities fee” that some colleges *ahem* impose.) This one cost a measly pound and the booth attendants seemed like a lot of fun when one eagerly approached me about joining and the other proudly brandished her homemade sword.

Ok hold up- YES I’m telling the truth about joining!

On a similar topic of surprising purchases, let’s talk about what I paid five quid for at the Chatsworth Market last weekend. I’ll give you a hint:

-Two words

-First word: A color

-Second word: Pudding.

-Possible association: Haggis. (Worth noting I tried my first scotch egg too! And it was made of haggis as well, so I killed to birds with one stone. It was tasty!)

Ready for the answer? You may be as shocked as I was, when I reached into my pocket for the coins:

BLACK PUDDING. (Made that a link so you can explore it on your own.) Let’s just say I won’t be anemic anytime soon… Well, once I actually work up the courage to cook it up!

Enjoying my classes and meeting more people each day. Today I clicked with another person- the second theater student I’ve bonded with! Coincidentally, her best friend works in a lab at Berkeley studying frogs, so I have an inkling that we’ll get along well on our trips to London’s museums for class.

Here’s a little video of my front-row seat in a double-decker bus heading up to Hackney on Sunday morning.

No shame when no one knows your name HOLLA STUDY ABROAD

No shame when no one knows your name HOLLA STUDY ABROAD


6 thoughts on “So I joined the Medieval Re-enactment Society…

    • dad says:

      W ow! sounds just great! Got 2 more funny stories for you. I run my unemployment group today, and this older woman waits for me at the end of the presentation. She looks lost, and asks me a question about job searching. I asked her what she did, and she said she worked at the Spa Brauhaus! I thought of the time we were going to eat there, and smiled to myself. I asked her what she did, and she said that from 1985, she worked as a waitress there. Hmmmmmm, I said, and what did you do before that? She said she owned it! She actually opened it in 1969! Wow, I said, she worked there for 45 years!!! And I thought me working for the State of NY for almost 32 years was long The other thing that happened today was I had my 3rd Union worker from the stagehands union come into the office, and I also asked HIM what his favorite performer was, after I quizzed him about Springsteen. Oh, he sang the praises of The Boss, but after pondering the question, he answered” Willie Nelson from last years’ Farm Aid” Wow, I said. I was there, but what was it about the concert that was better than Bruce? He said Willie walked up to him, asked him how he was doing, and thanked him for working the show. eah, that will do it. So, keep on enjoying the ride, and catch you soon! Love, Dad


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