Here and happy!

So I made it to my flat!

Total transit time from my Saratoga house to Queen Mary: 22.5 hours. Whew, glad that’s over!

Total sleep: About 1 hour. (As of 3 pm London time (or should I say 15:00), the jet lag hasn’t quite harassed me yet! A nice surprise.

Travel days usually aren’t that interesting or fun so I’ll keep it brief. Two really cool parts about the trip were

1. I flew via Virgin Atlantic, which was a lot of fun. I claimed a seat on the upper level- that’s right, there was a STAIRCASE in the airplane- and it ended up being very enjoyable! It reduces the landing shock and there was a good lot of full bed/first class people on the floor, so fewer economy seats = fewer crying babies (zero, to be exact) and a quieter flight.

2. Virgin Atlantic, as well as many other airlines, now offer a very diverse selection of airplane meals. I’m not talking about low-fat and kosher- the couple next to me was served Hindi meals, while I opted for the Asian Vegetarian meal (which was actually sort of yummy.) You get served first, too. Just make sure to reserve at least 2 days in advance.

Orientation starts tomorrow and there’s a welcome dinner tonight.

My building and flat couldn’t be closer to everything: it’s on the ground floor in a location that’s with the other dorms but closest to the other campus buildings.

I might also add that Queen Mary is the only London university with a campus.

Here’s a slideshow of pictures of the campus– too tired to pick and choose, plus haven’t really seen it much yet. I promise, pictures will come with adventures!


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