Some backstory

Only a couple days to go. It’s getting real!

Lemme just take a sec to explain why I swapped out my Facebook page with this blog.

For years now, I’ve (very vocally) struggled with how to maintain a fruitful life and an honest yet fun Facebook persona. Dissecting both theory and practice have proved to be most difficult. I often go on small hiatuses for a few days at a time to escape the environment where you’re expected to uphold an ever-slippery combination of happy, successful, funny, etc.- you know the story.

About a year ago (or was it two?), I got fed up and decided to leave it. Those couple months were real-life living; filled with moments that I wasn’t obligated to evaluate and deem clever enough to throw into my online community, then have faith that enough “friends” would return some sick sort of validation. For that stretch of time, I decided against making myself eligible for near-constant contests of popularity, humor, looks, success (staged by myself and others.) For that time, there was an undeniable peace and increase in self-esteem.

The sad part was that without the site, I couldn’t hear about nearly as many campus events and parties. Checking bulletin boards wasn’t enough. The semester before, I’d heard about a life-changing event a couple days before it was held. The only location it was publicized was Facebook. I felt that it was worth it to be a type of slave to the technology if I could, in return, optimize the opportunity for hearing about activities, some of which would be restricted to Facebook. The logic went that, when I wasn’t at Wes, such as during the summer and breaks, I could reasonably disconnect from the site without (unbearable) consequence. So, that’s what I’m doing now.

So, without a FB or texting-y phone to use for the next 5 months (I see an ever-glitzy tracfone in my future!), I hope I won’t have to work so hard to have a life if ya know what I mean!


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