This-side-of-the-pond (first!) post

Clotted cream. Yep, I just dedicated this blog to a scone topping. When I finally score another tasty bite of that ambrosia in less than a month, I’ll probably pour out my heart in the form of an ode or epic or some other appropriate opus so you’ll understand why I’m so fond of it.

But yeah, here we go! Will be smack-dab in the exciting London, England in less than two fortnights! I should probably let you know that yes, I have been to that wonderful city before, but for about a week in 2012.

One of the greatest parts about this adventure is that I’m certain that I’ll be inundated with newness in all sorts of forms: experiences, places, words… you name it. The potential that’s awaiting me is intoxicatingly exciting. I hope I don’t have my expectations set too high, but it’s sort of impossible to know where to set them. I pride myself upon being a scientific and logical thinker, but I don’t think it’s possible to reconcile my logic to those emotions! They’re too vibrant and happy!

Maybe I should mention where I’m going to school… that could be helpful. It’s Queen Mary, University of London. It’s located in the second metro circle from central London (just like how Boston has a central area and Brookline isn’t a technical part of it but everyone calls it Boston anyway. That’s like my situation: an easy hop onto the tube to get to the heart of the city, but not on top of Westminster Abbey.) I’m enrolled in four classes to start: Geographies of Nature (SO EXCITED TO BE TAKING A GEOGRAPHY COURSE!), London and Its Museums (we go to a different museum every day and write about it… how cool is that?!), Mammals and Evolution, and European Culture and Society. I’m living in a flat with 4-6 other people whom I share a kitchen with (but not a bathroom. We all have our own! As one of my friends surmised, think of all the bathrooms on that campus!)

Now the waiting game begins. Twenty six days and one red-eye until I meet the QM shuttle at Heathrow and let those heavenly accents cuddle me up!


One thought on “This-side-of-the-pond (first!) post

  1. mom says:

    Love the blog and looking forward to have clotted cream with you in cheery ole England! I’m sure you’ve have scouted out your favorite digs by March!


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